Eat real food.  Eat real food. 

The last of my #Bronica ETRSi, a PE Zenzanon 105mm f4.5 MACRO (1:1). This is my favorite portrait lens, but I never used the camera and recently sold it. This lens is also for sale on the bay, but it won’t come at a deal. Due to scarcity and completeness and mint condition, I’ll hold until I find someone specifically looking for it. #mediumformat #645

My Olympus Trip 35 will soon not be mine. Fun, lightweight, and sharp, but not for me. It’s on eBay if you’re interested.

My Rolleiflex Automat, circa 1950, with 75mm f3.5 Zeiss Tessar lens, Rolleinar2 close-up attachment, and Rollei lens hood. #believeinfilm #mediumformat #square

My Busch Pressman Model D (4x5) w/Kodak 203mm f/7.7. #cameraporn #largeformat #believeinfilm

I’m going to be on a plane tomorrow, so here’s my contribution to #ikfpd — my #Kodak Retina iiic, and a roll each of #tri-x and #ektar @believeinfilm #believeinkodak

This is why I shoot film.

I picked up this Kodak Retina iiic (1957-1960) on my local Craigslist for an incredible price. I put in some cheapy Kentmere 400 (24 exp.) this weekend and just started snapping pics of my wife doing errands. Here she is inside Safeway, looking hot as shit. 

This image is practically unaltered. I clone stamped some dust out of the negative, but I didn’t touch the exposure or contrast or sharpness in either the scanning software or in Photoshop. This sharpness and contrast is a result of Once upon a time when quality glass and components were what mattered most. 

This camera is 57-54 years old. 

Kodak Retina iiic / Kentmere 400 / Rodinal 1:25

My newest buy-low toy: Kodak Retina iiic! #believeinfilm

I was alone for a week not long ago, so I rode my bike 7 miles down the @CHOHTrails to Georgetown, Washington, DC. It was mostly downhill, which didn’t help my motivation on the way back up, but I carried my #Hasselblad with me and began this roll of #Kodak #Portra 400 NC—which EXPIRED in 2003. I shot and developed it at box speed. The shadows didn’t hold too well, but hey, cool, it’s super old, like the canal. 

Never not a #tourist. Always #exploring. #whitehouse #lacasablanca #washingtondc #leica #leicam42 #35mm #blackandwhite #fuji #neopan

Since 1981, this woman has lived at 1600 1/2 Pennsylvania Ave in Washington, D.C., in her own little tent camp, directly across the street from the White House. Here, she gave a lecture on nuclear disarmament to a class of 8th graders visiting the capital. The kids applauded her speech and demonstration. #leica #leicam42 #fuji #neopan #35mm #blackandwhite #believeinfilm

All the playgrounds are not empty. #jesu #35mm #blackandwhite #believeinfilm #leica #leicam42

First scan from the new (to me) #leica M4-2, this #summer #bbq scene a few weekends ago. Wish I could shoot nothing but #fuji #neopan, sadly my last six rolls only for special occasion now. #blackandwhite #believeinfilm #leicam42

Got to use a camera today. Here’s proof, from the WWII D-Day Commemoration at the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C: