Bronica-ETRSI-with-Zenzanon-50mm-MC-Wide-Angle-Lens on Flickr.

A few months ago, when I needed some cash for a new purchase, I decided to sell my Bronica ETRSi. In that sale, I included two backs, two lenses, a prism, and the Speed Grip-E.

But I also kept the Waist Level Finder, one Back, and the Zenzanon PE 105mm F4.5 (MACRO) 1:1 lens and Zenzanon MC 50mm F2.8 lenses so that if I wanted, all I needed for assembly was another body. Those are cheap enough anyway, right?

This week, I finally ordered that other body, and it came yesterday. I didn’t think I would miss the Bronny as much as I did, even though I haven’t been shooting as often as before. But even if this one doesn’t get as much action, I’ll probably hold onto it.